Dez 2020 | Virtual DEULUX run a success - 4,600 EUR for charity!

Many runners responded to the appeal of the LG Langsur e.V. and took part in the DEULUX run, which was converted into a virtual format due to the corona pandemic. Many running clubs from the region, from Germany as well as from Luxembourg, have helped to fill the donation account. Many participants without a club have also mastered the route running, walking, hiking, cycling, alone, in small groups, surely within the Corona rules or with their families. The Corona rules of both countries, Germany and Luxembourg, were always observed. This time, the members of the LG Langsur e.V., who cannot run in normal DEULUX run years, were very well represented this year, as every helping hand is then needed to make the DEULUX run an experience for participants and spectators.

We, as well as many participants, are happy that a running event was made possible with the Virtual DEULUX Run despite the Corona Lockdown. Of course, we all hope that the pandemic can be contained in 2021 and that the 29th DEULUX run can then take place as usual. On November 13th, 2021 we will have the honor of hosting the Luxembourg Championship in the 10km road race for the first time at the DEULUX run. We hope to see you all in Langsur then.

Since charitable organizations in particular had to suffer in the Corona crisis, although they are particularly needed in the crisis, the virtual DEULUX run was designed as a charity run. One could propose charitable associations from the region, which should be supported with the collected donations. We are very pleased that a substantial amount has been raised.

The more than 360 participants donated a little more than EUR 4,000. As the organizing association LG Langsur e.V., we are increasing the donations to a total of EUR 4,600. This amount is donated in equal parts to the following charitable organizations (each organization receives EUR 575.-):



- Tierschutzverein Trier und Umgebung e.V. (Trier-Zewen animal shelter)

- Social Service of Catholic Women V. Trier (this also includes the Trier Tafel)


- Krebsgesellschaft Rheinland-Pfalz e.V..

- KCNQ2 e.V.

- Förderverein Kindertagesstätte Langsur e.V.

- Förderverein der Grundschule Langsur e.V..


We are proud of all of you that with your donation you contributed to the DEULUX run being a successful charity run this year. We all have done something together for a good cause, which is particularly important in this crisis. Together with distance for charity!


Stay healthy.


Your LG Langsur e.V.



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